Update On Bula's New CBD & Kava Tincture

At Bula, we remain adamant about providing our loyal customers with the best kava products available on the market. Occasionally, as we continue to push forward with bringing you new and exciting ways of enjoying kava, obstacles will arise that we must address.

We have received some questions about the small crystallizations that have developed in our new CBD & Kava Broad Spectrum tincture. Some of the customers who have already purchased our new Broad Spectrum tincture have expressed confusion about the crystallization and how it has impacted their ability to enjoy the product.

When a product doesn’t meet the high standards of quality our customers expect, we feel it important to openly and honestly address any issue with our customers and take the necessary steps towards providing an acceptable solution. We thought it important to take a moment to address the concerns we have received, and provide our own recommendations on how you can still can enjoy this exciting new product:

Addressing Your Feedback

What’s with the crystallization? When trying to combine two disparate compounds into one tincture, some separation is likely to occur as part of the settling process. Unfortunately, the tincture remained smooth and completely dissolved all throughout the testing process. It was only after we decided to launch and ship the product that we noticed crystallization had developed in our first batch of Broad Spectrum.

Is the product still safe to use? Absolutely. The crystallization you’ll see in the product is part of the natural settling process, and in no way impacts your ability to use or enjoy the tincture.

Has the separation made the tincture less potent? No. The potency for both Broad Spectrum and Broad Spectrum Extra Strength remains the same.

What problems has the crystallization caused with the tincture? The primary issue we’ve heard about from customers is that the crystals clog the dropper, making it difficult to get any tincture out of the bottle. The tiny crystals also cause the texture of the tincture to feel a little gritty, giving the product a less than ideal mouth feel. We have not heard anything from customers about the product failing to produce the type of expected effects.

Do you have any advice on how to fix this issue? Yes. Warming the tincture will help the crystals to further dissolve back into the solution. We recommend soaking the bottle in hot, not boiling, water for between 10 to 15 minutes to help the crystals better dissolve. The temperature of the water that comes out of your hot water tap should provide enough heat to dissolve some of the crystals. 

This fix will help to clear up any clogging in the dropper so you can start to freely use the product again. However, some small granular particles will still exist, making the product less smooth to consume than we had initially intended.

What if I want to enjoy the product on the go and don’t have the ability to soak the bottle? Heating will work to partially dissolve the crystals for some time, but an equally effective, if less elegant, solution is to use a small paper clip, safety pin, or toothpick to gently probe open the dropper. This will provide a temporary fix that will allow you to keep using the product in the short term until further clogging develops.

Will future batches of Broad Spectrum also have a settling issue? Unfortunately, at this time we simply do not know. Our hope was to bring you a smooth, potent, and endlessly enjoyable product, and we still feel that Broad Spectrum hits on many of those points. We will continue to try and solve this issue with any future batches, including featuring a larger bottle to “thin” the high concentration of CBD and kava. Product development such as this is like a chemistry experiment. We’re working with industry professionals to find a solution, and we’re looking at numerous methods to refine the formula.

We Ask That You Give Our Kava & CBD Broad Spectrum Tincture a Chance

To any customers who feel disappointed about CBD & kava tincture, we hope you will give the product another chance after trying the recommendations we provided above. Despite the slight crystallization that has developed, we still believe that our CBD/Kava tincture offers a truly unique and incredible new way of enjoying the benefits of CBD and kava all at once.

For customers who now remain uncertain about whether to give Broad Spectrum a try, we want to give you a little extra incentive by providing $10 Off on Your First Purchase of Broad Spectrum or $15 Off on Your First Purchase of Extra Strength Broad Spectrum. This is a limited time offer and is only good for as long as supplies last. No promo code needed, prices are reflected on the website already. 

From the team at Bula, we want to thank our customers for contacting us with their concerns, and we hope that we’ve been able to satisfactorily address any issues preventing you from fully enjoying this product.

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