Introducing Bula's New Kava & CBD Product!

Introducing Bula's New Kava & CBD Product!

Introducing Our New Kava & CBD Product! 

Experience kava like never before with our new kava & CBD tincture. To create this remarkable new product, we use MCT coconut oil as a safe, natural emulsifier. No alcohol based solvents are used in the formulation. We’ve flavored our tincture with orange and ginger to ensure it tastes great, while also adding just a hint of turmeric oil for flavor and for its anti-inflammatory properties. Exceptional kava with the added bonus of CBD that you can take anywhere on the go - What could be better?

The Right Strength to Meet Your Needs 

Our new Kava & CBD Tincture comes in two dosages so you can find just the right balance to meet your individual needs. Our Broad Spectrum ($80 per bottle) features a dosage of 600 mg. of CBD and 4,500 mg. of kava per bottle. Our Broad Spectrum Extra Strength ($100 per bottle) features a dosage of 1,000 mg. of CBD and 6,000 mg. of kava per bottle. When following our recommended serving size, each dose will include 20 mg. CBD and 150 mg. kava for regular strength, and 33.33 mg. CBD and 200 mg. kava for the extra strength.

Don’t wait to try our Kava & CBD Tincture. Experience the best of both CBD and kava by ordering your extract today!

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Where Can I Buy the New Kava & CBD Tincture?

With the launch of our new Kava & CBD Tincture comes a new Bula Kava House website - 

Here, you can buy all of our new CBD infused kava products, including the Broad Spectrum and the Broad Spectrum Extra Strength. 

Take care to note that our new CBD infused kava products Will Not Be Sold Through You can only purchase this new line of products from our new CBD infusion website. 

To order this product, you will need to create a new account with, even if you have an existing account with the original online Bula shopping site. Due to Oregon’s age restrictions on the purchase of CBD products, we must ask that all of our customers create a new account for the purchase of our kava infusion products. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation. 

Don’t Wait to Try This Remarkable New Infusion 

Peanut butter and chocolate. Hot dogs and baseball. Portland and IPA. Sometimes things are just meant to go with each other. With the introduction of Bula’s new Kava & CBD product, we have discovered another truly great combination. Experience for yourself our new Kava & CBD  infusions by today! 


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