We're Excited to Announce That We Now Have Kava Back In Stock

We're Excited to Announce That We Now Have Kava Back In Stock

As the global pandemic continues to disrupt supply chains, trying to find where to buy kava consistently is a problem being experienced in nakamals across the U.S. As Bula fans trying to buy kava online from our store have noticed, supplies have been low to nonexistent for the last month. But now we’re excited to announce that we have a wide range of some of your favorite noble kavas back in stock.

Thank You for Your Patience

To all of our loyal Bula customers who’ve felt frustrated by the inability to buy kava online or to find your favorite kava at our Portland kava bar, know that we share your frustration and apologize for any inconvenience.

As many members of the kava community already know, prior to the global pandemic shutting down flights and cargo shipments, the world was already experiencing a global kava shortage. A rise in demand, driven largely by an enthusiastic increase in new kava users, combined with a limited crop to create a demand for kava that outpaced supply. Unlike most products where the answer to increased demand is to simply make more, it takes up to five years to fully mature a kava plant for harvest. As a result, consistently keeping kava in stock was already a challenge even before anyone had heard the term coronavirus.

With COVID-19 now reducing flights, disrupting supply chains, and limiting production, securing what little kava remains went from challenging to incredibly difficult. At Bula Kava House, we want to thank all of our loyal customers for their patience as we continue to work hard in our efforts to deliver to you some of the world’s finest noble kavas.

Even as the demand for kava remains high, know that we will never compromise our standards when it comes to providing you with safe kava that’s properly produced. We will continue to fully test every batch of kava we receive, and only sell the kava that passes our high safety standards. We will never release compromised kava just so we have something to sell through our store.

Kava Now Back in Stock

Trying to find where to buy kava? Well, we are excited to announce that Bula Kava House now has a wide range of noble kavas back in stock. Whether you want to enjoy instant kava on the go or want to settle in for the night by drinking a heavy kava, Bula now has kava in stock for you to enjoy.

Currently, you can find the following favorite kavas online and at our Portland kava bar:

  • 11-Year Waka - Micronized Kava Instant Powder: A noble variety of kava that was grown in the fertile soils of Fiji for 8 to 11 years, this instant kava offers a smooth and somewhat mild flavor profile but a potent and heady effect.
  • Borogu - Ground Kava Root: An everyday drinking kava preferred in the nakamals of Vanuatu, Borogu ranks as one of the world’s most popular kava roots.
  • Nangol Noble Kava – Ground Kava Root: A blend of noble kavas from the various islands of Vanuatu, Nangol Noble provides a wonderfully euphoric effect and just the right amount of potency.
  • Nambawan - Ground Kava Root: One of the strongest kavas you’ll ever experience outside of the nakamals of Vanuatu, Nambawan offers unmatched potency. This is a kava we recommend for the kava connoisseur. A little goes a long way.
  • Melo Melo - Ground Kava Root: A flavorful and slightly sweet easy-drinking kava, Melo Melo offers just the right amount of potency and complexity to make it the perfect choice for kava novices and connoisseurs alike.

We couldn’t be more excited to once again offer these amazing kavas to our loyal Bula customers. Supplies are limited, and while we will always continue to try and restock our supplies, once some of these noble kavas are gone it may be sometime before they can return.

Unfortunately, with increased demand also comes higher prices. While we’ve tried to limit price increases for our kava, some slight increase in price is unavoidable when kava is at such short supply. Know that as soon as we can lower your kava prices back down, we will.

Don’t miss out on getting your favorite kava until it’s too late. Place your next kava order for a 100g sample bag, ½ pound, and full pound bag today.

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