What Can I Expect at a Kava Bar?

What Can I Expect at a Kava Bar?

Thinking about enjoying freshly prepared kava tea at a kava bar for the first time? You’re in for a treat. If you’re new to kava, you might have a lot of questions. Don’t let that stop you—here are our best tips for what to expect at your first visit to a kava bar. 


How do I know what to order?

Don’t be shy—kava is social, and that includes other people wanting you to feel comfortable and have a great experience. The staff at a good kava bar will guide you through the different types of kava drinks available and point you toward a selection that makes sense for you. 


As a quick start, you’ll probably decide whether you want to try a more “heady” kava, “heavy” kava, or a more balanced kava. “Heady” kavas can make drinkers feel happier and more euphoric. “Heavy” kavas can relax your body and your mind. But of course, everybody reacts a little bit differently.


You’ll probably see a menu with the daily varieties available, just like you’re used to seeing a menu at a coffee shop. Traditionally, kava is sipped from a shell, so you can buy your beverage by the “shell” or in larger amounts to be shared with your group.

Try it for yourself and experience its positive effects on your mind, body, and spirit.


Is it okay to drink kava on an empty/full stomach?

You’ll see plenty of recommendations to drink kava tea on an empty stomach to feel the effects more quickly. Keep in mind that you might have a tingly mouth and reduced appetite shortly after drinking the kava.


What can I expect when I drink the kava?

It depends on your body and the type/amount of kava you drink. Some people say that they didn’t feel the effects of kava the first few times they tried it. Others feel the impact right away. It’s best to start slow. Kava affects everyone differently but most people describe a mild euphoria, relaxed muscles, and a relief of anxiety. Almost everyone gets a tingly numb feeling in their lips right away.


How long will it take to feel the effects?

Again, it depends on your body, the type of kava, and whether you’ve had a meal recently. But most people start to feel a mild euphoria after 15-30 minutes, which can continue to intensify over time. Settle in, relax, and enjoy! 


Enjoy Kava Root at a Kava Bar or at Home

A kava bar is a great place to go to relax and enjoy some kava drinks with friends! We offer kava from the islands of the South Pacific, a mild drink that is non-addictive, does not produce a “hangover” effect like alcohol, and helps you retain mental clarity. Come try out this unique experience.

Not close to a kava bar, or prefer the comfort of your own home? It’s easy to prepare relaxing kava tea yourself. One of our favorite kavas for beginners is Borogu, from Vanuatu. Preparing takes a little time, but the result is well worth the wait.

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