Fast and Easy Recipe for a Slow and Easy Evening: How to Prepare Micronized Kava at Home

Fast and Easy Recipe for a Slow and Easy Evening: How to Prepare Micronized Kava at Home

Kava-curious? Micronized kava is a great place to start. Kava is a traditional beverage from the South Pacific, made from the root of the kava plant. Kava fans all over the world enjoy its relaxing effects.


For some people, the traditional preparation of kneading kava for 15-20 minutes can feel time-consuming or tiring. Others want to enjoy a kava drink at home before investing in a strainer bag. For any or all of these people, micronized kava might be the way to go.


What’s the difference between traditional, instant, and micronized kava? 


Micronized, instant, and medium grind kava are all forms of kava that are used for consumption, but they are prepared differently and have some differences in their quality and ease of use. 


Traditional kava is made by placing the prepared kava root in a strainer bag and kneading the kava in warm (not hot) water. This takes 10-20 minutes, depending on the potency desired and the effort of the person kneading. The result is worth it, but it does take time and effort.


Instant kava is made by running a small amount of water through masticated fresh kava root, then drying that liquid. Instant kava is popular with those who enjoy the convenience of mixing kava with other beverages.


Micronized kava joins convenience and potency to kava lovers. Micronized kava is kava root ground into an extra fine powder, with more fibrous bits of the roots removed, allowing it to be mixed directly into a liquid rather than strained. The fine powder allows for more surface area and more efficient extraction of kavalactones. Heavy kava drinkers may find that using only micronized can dry the skin.


There’s no “better” way to prepare and serve a kava drink. It all comes down to your tastes and preferences. 


Preparing the Best Micronized Kava at Home


Here’s our comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to prepare micronized kava at home:


  1. Mix 1-2 tablespoons into your favorite liquid. (Not alcohol.)
  2. Enjoy!


It’s that simple! 


Enjoy the natural, earthy taste by preparing micronized kava with water. Or, create your own concoction with spices, nut milks, or juices


As with all kava drinks, it’s best to start slow. That’s especially true when you’re new to kava or trying a particular strain for the first time. You bring your own particular anatomy and soul to each kava experience. 


Nangol Noble - Micronized Instant Kava Powder


The best micronized kava leaves you feeling happy and relaxed. Our micronized Nangol Noble is a blend of noble kavas from islands in Vanuatu. Nangol Noble is known to create an uplifting and euphoric effect, perfect for relaxing at home with friends or enjoying creative pursuits. Though it’s easy to mix with other beverages, we’ve been told that this is a remarkably tasty blend all on its own. So if you or a kava-curious friend is interested in trying kava, this might be the blend to start with.

We create our micronized version of Nangol Noble using a special production method that removes the least-soluble parts of the root, making for a smooth, tasty cup. Nearly as easy to brew as instant kava, just mix 1-2 tablespoons into your favorite liquid, and your Nangol Noble is ready for you to enjoy.

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