Melo Melo Kava Powder

A noble kava root from the islands of Vanuatu, Melo Melo kava powder brews a complex and slightly sweet kava drink that offers a relaxing, mellow mood. Available in 1/2, 1, and 2 LB packages.

Considered a “noble” kava by the people of Vanuatu, Melo Melo’s name perfectly describes how you’ll feel after brewing this kava tea, which offers a robust and very pleasing sense of calm.

A great kava powder for kava aficionados and novices alike, Melo Melo’s easy drinking flavor offers a wide appeal, and makes this kava perfect for mixing. Serve it straight by the coconut shell or mixed with some of your favorite fresh fruit juices, Melo Melo is one of the most diverse kava varieties around.

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