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Instant Kava Root Drink Mix

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The best quality instant kava root drink mix you can buy online! Made by dehydrating fresh Vanuatu noble kava root juice, this concentrated green kava powder is the most convenient way to make a kava root drink. Available in 100 and 50 gram sizes. 

Instant Green Kava: Dehydrated From Fresh Root Juice

We finally found an instant kava we were happy to put the Bula Kava House name on. Here’s why kava enthusiasts love it so much. Key characteristics include:

  • Our instant green kava powder is as close to fresh kava root as you can reasonably attain in the U.S.
  • Made by dehydrating fresh kava juice from selected noble cultivars of 5 year old kava plants.
  • Grown in the motherland of kava drinking; Vanuatu.
  • Concentrated kava powder drink mix is potent!

Mix Your Own Kava Tea

Need a quick kava drink? The recommended serving size is one heaping teaspoon of our Vanuatu Instant Green Kava per 200ml. Our kava does not require straining and can be mixed directly with water or a soft drink.

Just a couple teaspoons of our Vanuatu Instant Green Kava dissolved into any beverage will take you to a very nice place.

Like traditional kava? Mix it with water in a coconut shell. On the go? Throw some in a water bottle and be on your way to instant, natural anxiety relief.

Is the taste of kava a big turnoff? Stir instant kava into your favorite juice. You can even supercharge a shell of traditionally prepared kava tea by adding some instant kava powder. The possibilities are endless!

At Bula Kava House, we strive to make the highest quality kava available to the kava community and consumers all over the world. We are proud to show you the Certificates of Analysis for every current Bula Kava House kava. Read our testing policy and see our Certificates of Analysis here.