Kava Safety Continued

Kava Safety Continued

A new report by the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) confirms that kava consumption is not dangerous to your health. We were well aware already, but a little scientific backup never hurts.

What’s actually dangerous is consuming mold, which can manifest in kava root and ground kava that is not stored properly. When kava is stored in a dry, sealed container, it maintains most of its potency and freshness for up to 2 years. At Bula, we’ll be using our kava within six months of purchase to ensure the freshest product possible.

The report also explains that many Western-made drugs that use kava extract can be the cause of liver problems, too. It's not the kava that causes problems, though, it's the other substances that are combined with the kava.

We purchase organically grown kava from Hawaii that is harvested traditionally, specifically for drinking. We also purchase kava from Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea. None of these types of kava are harvested using pesticides and all of them are ground upon order. Our suppliers inspect the grinds for mold in Federal Drug Administration- certified facilities before sending them through customs, where they are inspected once more. We check it out one more time before even considering serving it to you.

Our provider in Vanuatu has been selling kava for drinking and pharmaceutical use for ten years, and not once has his product been associated with health issues. Locals in the South Pacific drink it daily without medical repercussion –so can folks who visit Bula Kava House.

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