Introducing Our New Line of Micronized Kavas

Introducing Our New Line of Micronized Kavas

If you’re looking to buy kava online, the team at Bula always strives to provide our loyal customers with new and exciting ways of enjoying their favorite kava drink. With the release of our new line of micronized kavas, we’ve made it easier than ever for kava fans to enjoy a curated variety of their favorite beverage. Now available online, we’re excited to announce the release of our new line of micronized kava root: Melo Melo, Nangol Noble, and Nambawan.

When brewed using the traditional method, it takes time to make a batch of kava. If new to making kava at home or short on time to fully complete the brewing process, this becomes a major barrier that keeps many people from enjoying kava as frequently as they would prefer. Fortunately, our new line of micronized kava helps to solve this problem by making it incredibly convenient and easy to enjoy kava on your schedule.

Whether you want to enjoy a daily drinking kava like Melo Melo, or desire the powerful relaxing sensation that comes from drinking a potent kava like Nambawan, our new micronized line will allow you to find the perfect kava to match your mood.

How Does Brewing Micronized Kava Differ from Traditional Kava Root?

The traditional method of brewing kava combines a bit of art and a dash of science with a lot of effort. In addition to heating up water and measuring out your kava, brewing requires continuously kneading and squeezing your strainer full of ground kava root for between 10 to 15 minutes. While the effort this process requires will assuredly help you become a force at thumb wrestling, it doesn’t lend itself to fitting into busy schedules were time ranks as the most precious commodity.

With micronized kava, we’ve already done most of the hard work for you. We start by taking out the least soluble part of the root. This fibrous part of the root contains very little kavalactones. By removing it, we can still maintain kava’s potency while making what remains far easier to mix in.

Next, we grind the remaining root to a ridiculously fine point, basically transforming the kava into an incredibly fine dust. Now in a micronized form, you can brew kava almost as quickly as if using an instant powder.

No more kneading, no more needing to wait to enjoy a shell of your favorite kava. Simply add one or two tablespoons of micronized kava powder to your preferred beverage and stir. You can now take kava on the go, making it fresh when you want.

Introducing Our New Line of Micronized Kavas: Melo Melo, Nangol Noble and Nambawan

Like fine wine, each variety of kava offers its own unique complexity. We’ve selected this curated list of kavas because each offers something a little different, so that every type of kava fan has something they can enjoy.

Melo Melo: A noble kava root from the islands of Vanuatu, Melo Melo kava powder brews a complex and slightly sweet kava drink that provides a relaxing, mellow mood. Considered a “noble” kava by the people of Vanuatu, Melo Melo’s name perfectly describes how you’ll feel after brewing this kava tea. With a robust flavor and very pleasing sense of calm, we believe Melo Melo a perfect choice for the discerning kava aficionado.

Nangol Noble: A fine blend of noble kavas from various islands in Vanuatu, Nangol Noble Kava offers a wonderfully euphoric effect, with just the right amount of potency. This is quite the uplifting kava blend that provides what has been described by drinkers at our Portland kava bar as a very "clean" effect, with a remarkably fresh taste. This makes Nangol Noble a great social kava, perfect for a night out with friends or when entertaining at home.

Nambawan: The strongest kava drink you’ll enjoy outside of the Vanuatu Islands, Nambawan kava powder tastes, feels, and smells like the fresh kava root served at nakamals in Vanuatu. A kava connoisseur’s kava powder, Nambawan is the perfect kava to enjoy in a quiet, relaxing atmosphere. With a strong, complex flavor and full bodied consistency, Nambawan isn’t for first time kava drinkers. A little of this noble kava goes a long way.

Buy Micronized Kava Online at the Bula Store

Don’t wait to experience our new line of micronized kavas. Our supplies are limited, and we will sell out quickly due to the incredibly high demand for quality kava.

Our new line of micronized kavas come available in ½ and 1 pound bags. Experience the benefits of drinking micronized kava by placing your order today!

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