Introducing Feo - Solomon Islands Kava That Packs a Punch

Introducing Feo - Solomon Islands Kava That Packs a Punch

Kava plays such an important role in so many different cultures around the world. By drinking kava, you can experience some small part of those cultures in places far removed from where the kava originated. Yet despite whatever the distance, the effort, care, and craft that goes into cultivating kava remains. This provides kava enthusiasts with the opportunity to gain new appreciation and respect for those cultures that take such enormous pride in creating some of the world’s greatest kavas with each drink.

At Bula Kava House, we love having the opportunity to present new and exciting kavas to our loyal customers. That’s why we are thrilled to announce another new addition to our kava menu in Feo.

Introducing Feo

Feo comes to the Bula Kava House menu from the Solomon Islands. While not known for their kava, we’ve recently discovered some absolutely fantastic kavas originating from what’s certain to become a new favorite growing region for kava connoisseurs.

Feo features a beautiful golden brown color when brewed that produces a uniquely interesting piney flavor. Many of our kava bar customers who’ve had the opportunity to experience Feo report this variety has a more mental than physical effect. Unlike other kavas on our menu that help the body to relax, Feo offers a more focusing effect.

While Feo presents a lovely, fresh scent on the nose and a less stringent flavor on the palette, don’t let this kava’s delicate characteristics fool you. Feo packs a euphoric punch that we feel confident will make this latest addition to our Bula menu a new fan favorite.

Feo is available to purchase from our online store and from our Portland kava bar in 1 pound, ½ pound, and 100 gram bags. As with all varieties of kava, supplies are limited and we recommend you don’t wait to taste this fantastic Solomon Islands kava.  

An Exciting New Home for Kava Cultivation

When most connoisseurs think of kava from the South Pacific, Vanuatu, Fiji, and Tonga usually come to mind. However, the Solomon Islands may soon expand the scope of where the world’s best kavas originate.

For many regions that grow kava, the plant plays a sacred role in the native cultures. In Vanuatu, kava ceremonies take place during special occasions such as weddings. In Fiji, the coronation of every new king includes kava as part of the royal ceremony.

Comparatively, kava has no cultural significance in the Solomon Islands. In fact, kava doesn’t even grow natively anywhere on the islands. Kava has only recently come to the Solomon Islands, but that doesn’t mean the quality and experience of drinking kava from this new growing region offers anything less than its neighbors.

Kava arrived on the Solomon Islands due to an Anglican priest who brought kava clippings from Vanuatu. However, this doesn’t make kava from the Solomon Islands just a clone of what’s been grown in Vanuatu for generations.

The soil, climate, and growing conditions on the Solomon Islands differs from Vanuatu, Fiji, and every other place in the world. Take the same plant and grow it in Vanuatu, Tonga, and the Solomon Islands, and you’ll get three uniquely different kavas. That’s because the growing conditions dramatically alter the makeup of the plant, changing the kavalactones makeup, potency, and flavor of each kava.

From what we’ve experienced so far, Solomon Islands’ kava features incredibly potency, interesting flavor, and unique effects. We’re confident that once you’ve had the opportunity to experience Feo and other Solomon Islands kavas yourself, the region will quickly become a new favorite.

Don’t miss your opportunity to experience Feo for yourself. Supplies are limited, so visit the Bula online store to order your bag of this potent and powerful kava today!

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