Experience the Wonders of the Solomon Islands

Experience the Wonders of the Solomon Islands

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The Solomon Islands offer an ideal location to visit for anyone looking to enjoy an adventurous vacation. While the sandy beaches of the Solomon Islands belong to a world class resort, you won’t find any five-star hotels on these rugged islands. In fact, the Solomon Islands are one of the least visited nations in all of the South Pacific, for now.

Located halfway between Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea, the former British colony consists of over 992 islands, but only 192 of them are inhabited. The climate tests your endurance with hot, humid days, the roads remain unpaved, and even the capital city lacks the type of infrastructure as other similar South Pacific nations.

With all that said, visiting the Solomon Islands makes for an unforgettable experience to anyone looking to hike the jungle, dive deep to explore sunken ships, and to see breathtaking waterfalls. Farmers in the Solomon Islands have also started to grow and produce some of the world’s finest kava. Both the Feo and Temo kava we carry at our online kava store provide an incredible punch and potency, and offer a great representation of what this exciting new kava region is producing.

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Even though travel to the Solomon Islands requires a little more roughing it when compared to other beach vacations spent sipping cold drinks in a hammock, the trip is well worth the effort. As an added bonus, unlike some of the other island nations in the South Pacific the Solomon Islands remain largely tourist free, making now a great time to visit for kava fans.

Let’s take a look at a few of the things you can do should you decide to take the plunge and visit the Solomon Islands.

Experience a World War II Memorial Unlike Anywhere Else

Nearly 80 years ago, U.S. and Japanese soldiers fought at the Battle of Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands, a historically important battle that led to America’s victory in the South Pacific.

From tanks and old guns to supplies and submerged vessels, the islands boast an incredible collection of World War II memorabilia. One local man was even able to collect enough Japanese and American relics from the war to create a museum in his home.

For decades after the war, American veterans have returned to the Solomon Islands to relive and come to terms with what they experienced during the six-month long siege. Among places to visit, the Guadalcanal American Memorial sits high above the capital city of Honiara standing sentinel over the Iron Bottom Sound where Japanese and American ships sit 4,000 feet below the water’s surface.

World-Class Diving

Pristine reefs and clear blue waters await anyone wanting to experience world-class diving in a remote region without all of the crowds of more popular tourist destinations. The Solomon Islands are one of the final frontiers for unspoiled reefs that are teeming with all manner of sea life.  

Not only does the seabed feature a variety of sunken ships from WWII, but its large lagoons are also frequented by larger sea creatures, such as sea turtles, manta rays, and whales. Diving is an extremely popular activity in both Munda and Gizo, where you can swim through caves, gaze at vibrant coral gardens, and explore spectacular reef drop-offs. If you’re a diving enthusiast, the Solomon Islands should be on your bucket list of must swim waters.

Hiking Through Lush Forest

While diving into the ocean’s depths offers plenty of excitement underwater, above ground also features don’t miss hiking opportunities. These volcanic islands are covered in lush forests that offer plenty to explore. Hidden waterfalls await discovery just off muddy trails that are lined with exotic vegetation.

Places such as Rennell island, a UNESCO Heritage Site, offers the chance to hike through a tropical jungle where you'll see amazing wild birds, secluded turquoise beaches, and quiet coves. Just beyond Honiara, thick jungle and impressive ridgelines sprawl across the interior of Guadalcanal, which conceals amazing waterfalls and spectacular plant life.

If you don’t imagine yourself forging through the jungle alone like Indiana Jones, local village tours offer an accompanied option or you can enjoy bird watching from the comfort of town.

Experience Local Customs

With over half a million residents, nearly all Melanesian, the Solomon Islands have a long and distinguished cultural heritage. If you want to gain a feel of what traditional life is like on the islands, you can arrange a visit to one of the smaller villages. Visitors are always welcome, and depending on where you go, you may even be treated to a meal of fresh caught tuna or mackerel.

At night, kick back and try some of the country’s local kava. Unlike Vanuatu and other island nations that have a long and storied history with kava, the plant is relatively new to the Solomon Islands. However, don’t get fooled into thinking they offer any less of a punch. Colloquially called “purple” kava due to its purple stems, Temo tastes clean but offers a fiery effect that will certainly leave a lasting impression.

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