Bula House Kava Testing

Bula House Kava Testing

With the negative perception of tudei kava with some in the kava research community, we are happy to have a hand in the promotion of the growing of noble kavas in Vanuatu. We understand that if we demand it, they will grow more. In the long term that will mean a healthy supply of noble kava, which will therefore decrease price, increase the success of the South Pacific kava growers, and help ensure the legal status of kava.

Through research over the last couple months, we've discovered that to a varying degree, some kava coming out of Vanuatu is tudei, but is sold as noble. The reason for this is a shortage of noble kava due to increased worldwide demand, and its slow maturation rate.

We understand that the idea of Noble versus Tudei kava is important to many consumers. Based on our extensive experience we believe that testing is important. But we also believe that measuring the kavalactones, chemotype, etc. of every kava plant grown is expensive and prone to variation. The definition of noble vs. tudei is based on a spectrum of kava characteristics including flavokavain content, chemotype, and user experience, not a specific “on” or “off” measurement. Testing methods may also yield different results for any specific kava batch. We have published our new Kava Testing Policy, which we encourage our customers to read.

We appreciate certain customers, and researchers who have helped bring this issue to our attention and we are committed to providing the best kava online, and having honest labeling. Therefore, we have gone to great lengths to ensure that all of our Vanuatu kava is what we label it as. The steps we've taken including testing, and heightened communication with, and oversight of suppliers, make us more confident in the purity of our already fantastic kava products than ever before.

To get our hands on the dwindling supply of noble Vanuatu kava, and to cover the cost of more extensive and frequent testing to reasonably ensure our product's purity, a price increase will be necessary for some products. We feel this move solidifies the Bula brand as a premium online kava retailer. We will have more confirmed noble Vanuatu kava varieties than any other online retailer.

Judd Rench, Proprietor

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