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Melo Melo - Micronized Instant Kava Powder

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Our micronized version of Melo Melo utilizes a special production method to produce a ridiculously fine grind that removes the least soluble parts of the root. Nearly as easy to brew as instant kava, just mix 1-2 tablespoons into your favorite liquid, and your Melo Melo is ready for you to enjoy.

A noble kava root from the islands of Vanuatu, Melo Melo kava powder brews a complex and slightly sweet kava drink that provides a relaxing, mellow mood. Considered a “noble” kava by the people of Vanuatu, Melo Melo’s name perfectly describes how you’ll feel after brewing this kava tea. With a robust flavor and very pleasing sense of calm, we believe Melo Melo a perfect choice for the discerning kava aficionado.

Available in ½ and 1 lb packages - 2 LB package currently not available due to limited supply!

A Noble Kava You Can Take on the Go

A great kava powder for kava aficionados and novices alike, Melo Melo’s easy-drinking flavor offers a wide appeal, and makes this kava perfect for mixing. Serve it straight by the coconut shell or mixed with some of your favorite fresh fruit juices, Melo Melo is one of the most diverse kava varieties around. Our micronized Melo Melo kava makes the perfect choice for:

  • Quickly enjoying kava anywhere at any time.
  • Kava beginners nervous about preparing traditional kava at home.
  • Enthusiasts looking to try some of the best kava Vanuatu has to offer.
At Bula Kava House, we strive to make the highest quality kava available to the kava community and consumers all over the world. We are proud to show you the Certificates of Analysis for every current Bula Kava House kava. We invite you to read our testing policies and to view our Certificates of Analysis here.

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