Co2 Kava Concentrate - Honey Orange Vanilla - 30 grams

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Perfect for people who want the calming effects of kava on the go. No need to make a batch of kava, just squeeze a bit out of the tube and feel the effects a few minutes later.

Our Co2 Kava Concentrate is flavored with honey, orange, and vanilla. Our proprietary recipe is specifically designed to increase the bioavailability of kavalactones, which means it takes less product to get the desired effect. Two grams is enough to provide a nice effect, being about as strong as a moderately potent shell serving of traditionally prepared kava.

The base is a Co2 extract of noble Vanuatu kava. Co2 extracts are considered the safest and highest quality kava extracts available; there are no chemicals or additives.

Directions: Massage ¼ teaspoon (2 grams) inside mouth for 20 seconds, then swallow.

Caution: Do not consume the entire tube - contains 15 servings (15 x 2 grams per serving).

Judd’s Remarks on Co2 Kava Concentrate:

Several years ago, I decided to make the extract based on customer demand. Years ago there was a company called Paradise Kava that sold a similar product. They went out of business, but people often would talk about the line of co2 extracts, how great they were, and how much they missed them.

The creation and formulation process involved a lot of trial and error. I also looked at common ingredients in similar products. I noticed, for example, that the best liked had a citrus flavor to them. I tasted a lot of flavor combos and then sampled them out. It took a while to find a combination that was generally liked by pretty much everybody that tried it. I also did some research into what could be done to increase the bioavailability to allow customers to consume less, and what was needed to make the product shelf stable.

This final version has been very well received, and those that have tried it have been asking often about when it would be finally released. It's been a long time coming. Lots of false starts, so customers are ready.


~Judd Rench, Proprietor, Bula Kava House


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